Complimentary Cancer Therapy

Boise, Idaho

Benefits of Cancer Therapy

Receiving a cancer diagnosis is frightening— but it doesn't have to be the end of your wellbeing. Dr. Mary believes that cancer is a very serious wake-up call to pay attention to your diet, lifestyle, self-talk, detoxification and supplementation regime.

Chemotherapy, radiation and biologic medicines can destroy cancer cells— but undergoing treatment is tough on the body. What if you could undergo chemo and radiation without sacrificing your wellbeing?

There are complementary interventions that work to enhance wellbeing during the oncology process. Studies have confirmed that high dose IV vitamin C, Mistletoe injections, peptides, diet, detoxification, stress reduction and essential nutrient and mineral repletion can help the immune system protect normal cells during cancer therapy and preserve wellbeing.

Dr. Mary specializes in helping your body thrive during cancer therapy.