Nutritional Support for People With Cancer

The Nutritional Support Program offered by IMI is complementary to existing medical care provided by a patient's primary physicians. It is an effort to restore metabolic and immune function.

Our program is based on the original research of a Scottish scientist, Dr. Beard who, in the early 20th century, was twice nominated for the Nobel Prize for his work in embryology. His work was forgotten until Dr. William D. Kelley adopted it to develop a nutritional program for people with cancer using pancreatic enzymes. Dr Kelley's outcomes were so extraordinary that he attracted the attention of the medical community.

Further research on Dr. Kelley's work by Dr Nicholas Gonzalez culminated in a pilot study showing the most positive survival outcomes of any other protocol available at the time. Dr. Gonzalez was so fascinated by these results that he wrote the book, One Man Alone: An Investigation of Nutrition, Cancer, and William Donald Kelley. He also turned down two offers to work in the oncology department at Memorial Sloan Kettering and, instead, started an independent medical practice in New York City using the nutritional protocol to help cancer patients. He also co-authored another book entitled, The Trophoblast and the Origins of Cancer, that demonstrated a molecular biological mechanism by which pancreatic enzymes may arrest the growth of cancer cells.

When cancer is diagnosed, it is a sign that the body's pancreas is malfunctioning and the body has been so overwhelmed with toxins and metabolic waste that it has become a low oxygen, toxic, acidic and inflamed host which allows abnormal cell growth. The metabolic imbalance prevents the body's normal immune and self-regulating mechanisms from managing the cancer phenomenon. Our protocol focuses on three basic reparative components: Diet, supplementation and detoxification, to restore metabolic and immune function.


If you have researched the Kelley Protocol and are considering it as an option in your health journey, please note that it is a rigorous protocol of following the specific healthy diet prescribed, taking a large number of supplements and doing the thorough detoxification regimen every day.

Criteria for starting the Kelley Protocol include:

1. You must NOT be on chemotherapy or radiation.

2. You must be willing to do two near infrared saunas and two coffee enemas daily for detoxification. This will require purchasing a near infrared sauna and enema kit for your home.

3. You must be able to follow this rigorous protocol of strict dietary standards along with taking multiple supplements and doing the detoxification regimen each day for eighteen months. You must restrict all fast foods, sugar, white flour and simple carbohydrates.

4. You must be able to swallow capsules and be prepared to take up to 100 capsules per day in some cases. These supplements include digestive aides, nutritional, glandular, detoxification and enzymatic support. It is also important that you do not substitute supplements from other companies. We continually qualify supplements, incorporating specific products that we find will provide the optimal therapeutic results we seek.

5. You must change your shower filters to avoid absorbing chlorine into your skin from the water and air.

6. You must change your cookware to stainless steel or glass such as Corningware.

7. You must drink at least 8 glasses of filtered water per day to flush toxic waste out of your system.

The cost for design and maintenance of the Kelley Protocol is a non-refundable fee in the amount of $3000.00 for the initial intake including 6 months of weekly correspondence and management. In addition to this, the lab work-up averages about anywhere from $1500.00-$1800.00. Detoxification modalities for daily use including the near infrared sauna and enema kit add to the initial cost. For monthly maintenance supplements, the cost will vary from $500.00 to $1500.00 due to the individualized protocol. We are an out of network doctors office meaning we don't bill to insurance however, IMI has teamed up with CARE CREDIT to provide a 12 month NO INTEREST line of credit to help with the cost of needed treatments.


Specialized pork derived pancreatic enzymes are the cornerstone of our supplementation program.

Enzymes work by traveling through the bloodstream to the site of the tumor mass, without harming the body's healthy tissues. This story was initiated a century ago by a Scottish embryologist named John Beard. Beard stated, in effect, that cancer was pregnancy in the wrong time and place. It was a similarity in the biological features of embryonic trophoblasts and cancer cells that prompted John Beard to propose his trophoblastic theory of cancer in the early

Beard first proposed in 1906 that pancreatic proteolytic enzymes, in addition to their wellknown digestive function, represent the body's main defense against cancer. He further proposed that pancreatic enzymes would most likely be useful as nutritional support for cancer patients. After Beard's death in 1924, the enzyme therapy was all but lost. In some cases, alternative therapists, such as Dr. Kelly, have rediscovered Dr. Beard's work and used pancreatic proteolytic enzymes as a natural defense against cancer occurrence.


The individual diets may include wild salmon, organic eggs, vegetables, nuts and seeds, sprouted bread, and berries. No canned or processes foods are allowed.


Scientists estimate that you have between 70 and 100 trillion cells in your body. This means you have over 70 trillion garbage-cans that need to be emptied. It is critical to process and excrete this metabolic waste. We may incorporate a wide range of detoxification options in an individualized program, but coffee enemas and near-infrared sauna therapy are fundamental components to our program.


One of he oldest health procedures still used today, coffee enemas are used to enhance liver function. Caffeine is absorbed via the hemorrhoidal or portal vein and dilates the bile ducts. "Because the enema is generally held for 10 to 15 minutes and all the blood in the body is passed through the liver every 3 minutes, these enemas represent a form of dialysis of blood across the gut wall" (Healing Newsletter, #13, May-June, 1986).

Saunas are a very valuable and also convenient for home use. Saunas support liver and kidney detoxification. A specific kind of sauna is incorporated to improve circulation, oxygenation, and immune function while eliminating toxins through our largest eliminative organ, the skin.