Integrative Treatment Options to Address Your Illness

Integrative Treatment Options to Address Your Illness

Anti-aging, PEMF & hormone therapy in Idaho

Dr. Mary Migliori has helped her patients throughout the area find the root of (and a viable treatment solution to) their health issues. She is highly educated in various practice areas and she continues to improve her medical knowledge to provide the best treatment plan for her patients.

Those looking for a more holistic approach to their medical issues should come to Integrative Medicine of Idaho. Our practice provides the following:

  • PEMF therapy for orthopedic issues
  • Activated oxygen therapy for muscle & join pain
  • Anti-aging treatment and supplements
  • Hormone therapy
  • Autoimmune disorders treatment
  • Heart rate variability
  • Orthomolecular therapy

You deserve to feel your best, no matter how complex your health issue is. Dr. Mary Migliori wants to find the right treatment plan for you so you can feel your best.

If your done with the pain and suffering, get started with Integrative Medicine of Idaho by contacting our offices at (208) 426-0052 today.

Activated Oxygen Therapy

Supplements & More