Dr. Mary is an out of network provider but we provide you with a complete billing statement with diagnosis and procedure codes that you may submit to your PPO insurance company for possible reimbursement. HMO insurance, Medicare, and Medi-cal will not reimburse for our services. Most standard laboratory work is done by commercial laboratories that accept and bill insurance directly. With HMO insurance, you have the option of going through your primary care doctor to get some of the testing covered. The doctors/centers have opted-out of Medicare, so Medicare will not reimburse for our services.

Q. What are Dr. Mary's credentials?

A. Dr. Mary K Migliori is a state licensed Medical Doctor, for more information visit our Mary Migliori MD page.

Q. Does IMI take insurance?

A. IMI does not take insurance. However, IMI can provide you with a super bill that may include the diagnosis codes for office visits and tests for possible out of network coverage.

Q. Does Dr. Mary see walk in patients?

A. No, Dr. Mary does not generally see walk in patients. Because of the amount of time that Dr. Mary spends with each patient and the sheer amount of research she does with each patient, impromptu visits are not possible.