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What is Medical Ozone?

Imagine a therapy that could: Reduce oxidative stress Destroy most bacteria, viruses and fungi Stimulate the immune system and production of white blood cells Inhibit the growth of viruses Decrease inflammation Destroy abnormal cells Enhance energy production Increase the body’s antioxidant system Enhance the elasticity of red blood cells . Clear arterial blockages Degrades petrochemicals

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The Answer to Joint Pain

Have you overtrained to the point of feeling joint pain after every workout? Are you suffering from arthritis? Have you been told you need a knee or shoulder replacement? Now is the time to say “good bye” to the irritating ache of joint inflammation as Integrative medicine of Idaho offers an affordable joint rehabilitation program

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The Spiritual Side of Medicine

Are you aware of your chakras and that you are an auric field of subtle body energy? Have you ever thought about your life as the living expression of a story that evolves from your genetics and environment? Did you know that your physical body is a reflection of your subtle body energy field that

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