The Truth about Healing and Reducing the Rate of Aging

The 8th annual Society of Progressive Medical Education was held in San Diego last month where doctors from all over the world convened to share the newest research on ozone, light therapy and regeneration.

Issues like insomnia, chronic pain, addictions, brain fog and excess weight are the nagging chronic conditions that impair our QOL. Two modalities presented at the conference inspired me so much that I brought them home to Boise. Both work by reducing stress but by different mechanisms. Remember, there is no “one size fits all.”

The Biomodulator is an extraordinary device that reduces the root cause of stress by measuring and restoring energy at the cellular level. It was  invented by the genius ophthalmologist, Dr. Jerry Tennant MD, author of, Healing is Voltage and other books on recovering from chronic illness. Dr. Tennant holds multiple patents and was one of the creators of Lasik surgery.

Through his own experience of a severe life-threatening neurological condition, Dr. Tennant could no longer perform his life’s work as an eye surgeon. To save his own life, he focused on learning how the body really works and how to repair it. He found that infections and toxins deplete the body’s energy stores which is ultimately the root cause of degeneration.

He states, “Chronic disease occurs when we lose the ability to make new cells. The basis of making new cells is having the voltage and raw materials to do it. Energy medicine is the oldest form of medicine.”

The Biomodulator delivers micro current to organs where the voltage is low. It is FDA accepted for treating chronic, post-traumatic or surgical pain but it does so much more.

One of our patients with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s called us after receiving one treatment, stating, “What did you do to me yesterday? My symptoms have reduced by 50%.”

The other extraordinary healing device was designed by Dr. Patrick Porter, PhD, author of 9 books including Thrive in Overdrive, How to Navigate your Overloaded Lifestyle. He spoke in detail about how stress inhibits healing and robs us of our quality of life. After 30 years of studying how light, sound and vibration reduce the stress response, he blended 5 powerful mind technologies to create a tool to get you out of that fight or flight mode.

This tool is the Brain Tap headset. It puts the brain into a transcendental meditation state within 7 minutes using  patterns of light entering the ears and eyes. This light calms the nervous system without the use of drugs. Along with light, Dr. Porter created special meditations that train the brain to correct negative thinking patterns.

The truth is that healing is impossible in the presence of ongoing pathologic stress.

If you are struggling with chronic pain, insomnia, addictions, brain fog or weight, you are overwhelmed with stress. IMI has interventions to help you speed the healing process and reduce the rate of aging. We tailor the treatment to fit your needs.

If this is intriguing to you, please call and schedule an appointment or just stop by to inquire about our mission. During the month of July, we are having a special to introduce you to the Brain Tap meditations and the Biomodulator.  Please call 208-426-0052 and ask for Will or Kory to learn more.

Take Charge Of Your Aging Process

It’s all about oxygen and a few key nutrients.

Think about how long you can hold your breath. How does that compare with how long you can go without water, food or vitamins? It’s obvious, we can’t live 5 minutes without oxygen.

How well your body uses this oxygen is a great concern. If you have energy and rarely get sick, congratulations, you’re using your oxygen well. If you are a bit sickly and tired, something is interfering.

Research is clearly showing that toxins and infections are the interferences. They invade and alter our mitochondrial energy production leading to auto-immune diseases like Type 2 diabetes, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, arthritis, colitis, Lupus, MS and many more.

The good news is that we have a way to change the course of this scenario. This game changer is called Medical Ozone. The renowned Nikola Tesla created the first medical ozone machine in 1905. Who would have thought that the most powerful healing agent came from a burst of lightening?

Mr. Tesla stated, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Velio Bocci, PhD, author of Ozone, A New Medical Drug, and over 20 scientific articles on ozone has shown that ozone actually works by stimulating cytokines which are the regulators of the immune system. These cytokines powerfully inactivate pathogens, neutralize toxins and improve mitochondrial function. As a professor of physiology at the University of Siena in Italy, Dr. Bocci, has been experimenting with medical ozone for over 30 years showing an unmatched safety and efficacy profile.

Most people have heard of the cytokine called interferon, for example. This hormonal messenger is released by a virus infected white blood cell causing nearby cells to protect themselves. Dr. Bocci’s research showed that ozone generates 20 times the interferon release which dramatically enhances immune function.

Frank Shallenberger, MD, founder of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy, brought ozone therapy to the US from Europe. He is the author of many great books on ozone including, Principles and Applications of Ozone Therapy and The Miracle of Ozone and has trained thousands of doctors in the safe use of medical ozone.

Robert Rowen, MD, graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University and attended UCSF School of Medicine. He sees patients in California and, like Dr. Shallenberger, has also been training thousands of physicians about the miracles of ozone for over 30 years.

Medical ozone is one of the most important anti-aging interventions available. Since all illness seems to be a result of toxic and infectious burden and since ozone neutralizes toxins and pathogens while potentiating healthy cells, we have a win-win here.

Integrative Medicine of Idaho provides state of the art ozone therapy in a variety of modalities. Getting well or staying well is much easier with a periodic shot of Medical Ozone. If this article makes sense to you, and you want to learn more, give us a call at 208-426-0052. Now is the time to take charge of your aging process.

The Serious Senior Moment and the MEND

Hedra March 2019

Statistics show that one in ten people age 65 and older has Alzheimer’s dementia and almost two-thirds of these are women. How much should we worry about those irritating senior moments? If there were tests that could answer this question, wouldn’t it be worth the time and effort to improve the quality of our healthspan ?

The good news is that early detection of cognitive decline is treatable and even reversible according to many researchers.

Dr. Dale Bredeson, MD is a world renowned neurologist, Alzheimer’s researcher and founder of the BUCK Institute for Research on Aging at UCLA. He published a paper in 2014, titled, Reversal of Cognitive Decline: A novel therapeutic program. He showed how nine out of 10 well documented dementia patients were able to reverse their progressive cognitive decline with specific lifestyle and supplementation interventions. By identifying and treating 25 different causes of the neurodegeneration responsible for each patient’s decline, the patients improved significantly.

Because of this success, a program called MEND was created. MEND stands for Metabolic Enhancement for NeuroDegeneration. After analyzing a person’s results, a personalized program involving lifestyle changes and supplementation is created just like in the study above.

In 2018, Dr. Bredesen and his team documented 100 more reversals of cognitive decline. He published this paper in the Journal of Alzheimer’s and Parkinsonism.

Continued research revealed eleven more treatable causes of Alzheimer’s. In his book, The End of Alzheimers, Dr. Bredesen describes 36 known causes and how to fix them. These include toxic exposures, nutritional and hormonal deficiencies, infections and inflammation among many others. Yes, our hormones including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, DHEA and pregnenolone are absolutely required by the brain for optimal function. Your cholesterol level is very important also. In fact, a recent study on PubMed showed that the best memory function in the elderly was observed in those with the highest levels of cholesterol. Low cholesterol is associated with an increased risk of depression and even death.

Physicians recommending the MEND protocol for the last 5 years are seeing their patients continuing to function very well. If they fall off the protocol and return to their old ways, they see the return of symptoms.  Although we can’t control our genetics, we can control our environment to reduce the number of serious senior moments.

Integrative Medicine of Idaho offers the MEND testing and protocol. Medicare is paying for lab testing in most situations. If this article speaks to you and you want to make the changes necessary for a cognitively brighter future, please all 208-426-0052 and schedule your appointment at our new location.

Integrative Medicine of Idaho – Mary K. Migliori


A Story About Chelation

The topic was orthomolecular approaches to cancer. Doctors and researchers from all over the world attended. What I reinforced is that there is so much we can do to improve our odds for a long, high quality life whether we have a diagnosis of chronic illness or not.
The term, orthomolecular, was coined by Dr. Linus Pauling in 1969 to denote the use of nutrients to treat disease and maintain health. The International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine is a group of doctors who use nutrients to restore the the optimum environment of the body so it may heal itself. For example, an environment of inflammation and low oxygen is probably due to a deficit of nutrition with an excess of toxic burden. This is a serious precursor of cancer. Luckily, rogue pre-cancerous cells are quickly eliminated by our miraculous immune system as long as it is nourished and in a non toxic environment.
Heavy metals and other environmental toxins impede the body’s immune repair mechanisms despite having the right raw materials.
Dr. Joseph Hickey, MD, founder of the renowned Hickey Wellness Center in South Carolina told us his shocking story of using chelation for the first time. His 45 year old cousin was nearly comatose with leukemia and not expected to live. The family was distraught and begged for help. Having just been trained in chelation therapy (which pulls toxic heavy metals out of the tissues,) Dr. Hickey gave his cousin a chelation IV and sent him home with the hope he would survive the night. Against all odds, the next morning his cousin’s wife called and said, “He’s sitting up having breakfast.”
His cousin’s tissue levels of lead, nickel and chromium-6 levels were off the charts. After a series of chelation IVs, his cousin went into remission.
Do you remember the Erin Brokovich story where toxic chromium-6 contaminated the drinking water of Hinkley, California? This toxin absorbs easily through our skin to impair metabolism and induce inflammation. Combined with lead and nickel, chromium -6 becomes an even more dangerous toxin, thus, the childhood cancers in Hinkley, California.
In summary, by removing the heavy metal obstacles to health and implementing a healthy diet with proper supplementation and nourishment, Dr. Hickey’s cousin became a cancer survivor. These are the kind of stories we frequently hear at the orthomolecular conferences.
If this article makes sense to you and you are interested in chelation or just knowing your risk, please call IMI at 208-426-0052 or stop by our office on Warm Springs Avenue by the Botanical Gardens.
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Could it be Low T?

The holidays are here and there is so much for which to be thankful. This article is focused on a little known cause of symptoms that ruin the holiday cheer for many wonderful women and men.These symptoms range from insomnia, low libido, weight gain, weakness, hot flashes and fatigue to memory loss and anxiety and they could be a result of low testosterone (T) levels.

Yes, testosterone levels in men and woman influence their sex drive, orgasm, mood, bone density, muscle size, strength and cardiovascular health.

What causes low T? Does it occur in younger individuals?

Besides the natural degenerative process of aging, other causes of low T include too much oxidative stress from excessive exercising, emotional stress, toxic burden or infections. Young women who take oral contraceptives and men who have suffered injuries to their testes both have an increased risk if low T. Regardless of age or root cause, low T sets the stage for chronic illness and feeling old.

Young women not taking OCPs usually have optimal levels of T working in balance with all their other hormones until the age of 30 when T starts dropping rapidly. By age 40, women have half their normal T. Uninjured men, on the other hand, tend to lose T more slowly reaching half their young adult blood levels around 60-80 years of age.

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe, MD, internationally acclaimed endocrinologist, author and speaker states that an aging body needs as much testosterone and other hormones as it did during the younger years. Of course, we can live with low levels of hormones but it just won’t be as enjoyable.

If you are looking for an improved quality of life, consider checking your hormone levels. A simple blood and/or urine assessment of your hormones may answer your question of why you don’t feel like your normal self. Hundreds of studies document the value of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) as a safe and efficacious way to improve your quality of life.

If this article speaks to you, give IMI a call at 208-426-0052. We specialize in accurate assessment and design of the correct BHRT for you.

Personal Wellbeing

By definition, wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy. Our goal at IMI, is to help you restore your personal wellbeing.
I often hear, “I just don’t have the energy I used to and I don’t feel like myself anymore. My doctor prescribed Prozac and told me I’m just getting old.”
Last time I checked, Prozac deficiency is not a root cause of anything.
A symptom or sign is a message from your body that there is too much or too little of something making you feel “not OK.”
The good news is that it is usually reversible.
At IMI, we take the time to listen. A first appointment usually lasts up to 2 hours. Preliminary testing of your vital signs, body composition, mineral status and heart rate variability in the office helps you learn about your core health. The next step is an in-depth conversation. The story of your life provides the clues while your blood, urine or stool testing establishs the root cause.
Dr. Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, Senior Fellow of the Health Studies Collegium discusses predictive biomarkers from our blood and urine that reveal vital information like our sugar metabolism, state of inflammation, gene expression and ability to detoxify. He states that these predictive biomarkers are a reflection of our habits and lifestyle. He further states that maintaining these biomarkers at the goal levels will add life to your years and years to your life.
Another predictive biomarker, in my opinion, is your iron level. Dr. Leo Zacharski, MD, hematologist/oncologist and professor at the Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine has spent the last 30 years of his life studying the effects of too much iron. He is the expert in iron overload disorders. In May, 2016, Dr. Zacharski’s editorial, “Ferrotoxic Disease: The Next Great Public Health Challenge,” was published in the journal, Clinical Chemistry.
Dr. Zacharski states that free iron in the body acts like a terrorist damaging important structures impairing normal metabolism.
P.D. Mangan, author of the book, DUMPING IRON: HOW TO DITCH THIS SECRET KILLER AND RECLAIM YOUR HEALTH, establishes a link between high ferritin levels and all chronic degenerative disease. He states, “Excess iron is a major cause of aging and disease, and many or even most adults have far too much iron in their bodies.”
In summary, thinking about your life history and knowing your a simple blood test are two critical steps in the right direction to personal wellbeing.
If this information speaks to you, please call 208-426-0052 to schedule an appointment. Take the first step in changing the course of your life.
Mary Migliori, MD Director

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Could it be Hypothyroidism? A Simple Home Test to Assess your Metabolism

My last two articles have focused on tests you can do at home to assess your health such as the L-Ascorbate challenge and the first morning urine pH.

This month, the focus is on testing your basal body temperature as a reflection of your metabolism. The word metabolism refers to how the body burns food to make energy. Symptoms of fatigue, hair loss, cold hands and feet and memory loss are all simply a result of sub-optimal metabolism.

Dr. Pamela Smith, MD, author of several books and founder of the American Academy of Anti-Aging, states that maintaining vision, memory and mobility are primary aspects of healthy aging that are dependent on a healthy metabolism.

Have you taken your temperature with a good, old fashioned oral thermometer in the last 10 years?

The late Dr. Broda Barnes, MD, PhD, author of Hypothyroidism: The Unsuspected Illness, in 1976, recommended taking an oral temperature upon awakening, while lying quietly in bed. An oral temperature less than 98.6 was suggestive of an underachieve thyroid. He stated, “ Think of the thyroid as the body’s “carburetor” that controls the rate at which every cell from hair to toenails burns energy.”

He noted in his book that 40% of Americans suffer from hypothyroidism despite having normal blood levels of thyroid hormone. During the 1970s and 80s, he treated thousands of patients with thyroid supplementation based on their basal body temperature with significant quality of life improvement.

Today, the modern medical practice guidelines for diagnosing hypothyroidism suggest measuring TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). The problem with this test is that it fails to assess cellular or tissue levels of thyroid.

The importance of tissue levels of active thyroid hormone is emphasized by Dr. Dennis Wilson, MD, in his book, Evidence-Based Approach to Restoring Thyroid Health. He states that measuring TSH to assess thyroid function will miss up to 95% of patients with low thyroid in the tissues. He substantiates this statement with hundreds of current peer reviewed articles published in multiple accepted journals like the New England Journal of Medicine. Unlike Dr. Broda Barnes, however, he recommends taking three oral temperature readings per day and averaging them to assess basal metabolism.

At IMI, a combination of oral temperature with an in-depth thyroid laboratory assessment is recommended to identify hypothyroidism as a root cause of symptoms. Our recommendations for treatment of hypothyroidism will be discussed in another article.


If this article makes sense to you and you would like to know if you may be living with sub-optimal metabolism due to hypothyroidism, give us a call at 208-426-0052 and make an appointment.

Hedra May 2018

Last month I wrote about the L-Ascorbate Cleanse as an at home test of how much oxidative stress is in your body. I hope you have done this test and are on your way to reaching a higher level of health and wellbeing.

This month I’m writing about another at home test which will give you critical information that is also predictive of your level of oxidative stress. This test is super easy and should be done 365 days of the year if possible.

Did you know that your first morning urine pH is a true marker of the acid/alkaline state of your body?
According to Dr. Russell Jaffe, MD, PhD, Fellow of the American College of Pathology and Immunology with 20 years experience at the NIH, your first morning urine pH is a non-invasive assessment of cellular metabolic acid/alkaline status. Because the urine has been equilibrating with the cells of the bladder and kidney for over 6 hours during the night, it is a direct reflection of the cellular metabolic state.
Dr. Jaffe states that a first morning urine pH below 6.8 suggests that the cells are in a state pf metabolic acidosis. In this state, the body is struggling to maintain homeostasis and energy production through mitochondrial function.

The critical factor here is that there are not enough minerals to balance the natural organic acids of metabolism. In a desperate attempt to maintain homeostasis, the body steals these minerals from the bones and other organs to maintain the blood pH as close to 7 as possible.
So, does this mean that we can reduce our risk of osteoporosis and other degenerative diseases by taking a lot of minerals?

Why would you be low in minerals? One reason could be low stomach acid. Dr. Jonathan Wright, author of the book, Why Stomach Acid is Good for You, notes that many people over the age of 40 have this condition, especially if they take antacids regularly. Without adequate stomach acid, digestion cannot occur so minerals are not absorbed from the foods or supplements ingested. Furthermore, the standard American diet (SAD) is pretty devoid of minerals.

In summary, testing your first morning urine is an excellent assessment on if you have enough minerals in your body. Knowing your level of mineralization is critical so you can correct the deficit and feel better while reducing your rate of aging.

If this article makes sense to you and you are interested in slowing your rate of aging, start testing your first morning urine pH. You may purchase the pH strips at Integrative Medicine of Idaho and learn more about choosing the path of longevity. Call IMI at 208- 426-0052 and schedule an appointment.

Could it be My Toxic Burden?

If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, you most likely watched Three’s Company starring Suzanne
Somers, John Ritter and Joyce DeWitt. Oh, how they made us laugh.
Over 35 years have passed and Suzanne Somers is as beautiful and full of life as ever despite
her shocking diagnosis of breast cancer in 2001. Although she underwent a lumpectomy and
radiation, she declined the recommended chemotherapy. She instead worked with doctors
who focused on addressing the root cause of the cancer. She changed the course of her life
by implementing a healthy diet, sleeping 8 hours a night, detoxifying and supplementing with
important nutrients. Suzanne changed her body into a place where cancer could not thrive so
she could.
This remarkable woman has written over 20 books, several of which focus on health and
staying Sexy Forever. In these books, she interviews many cutting-edge physicians who have
had the courage to step out of the orthodox western medicine paradigm.
In addition to writing books to spread the word, Suzanne created the Forever Health
Practitioner Network to help connect patients with integrative doctors like Dr. Migliori. IMI is a
proud member of Forever Health as Dr. Migliori is an expert in bio-identical hormone
replacement therapy and in the treatment of other degenerative, auto-immune, arthritic and
gastrointestinal conditions.
Although BHRT turns the clock back in most cases, hormones will not work optimally in a toxic
body. In her book, Tox-Sick, From Toxic to Not Sick, Suzanne shares the stories of her husband
and daughter-in-law who developed debilitating mystery illnesses due to toxic overload. She
then shares the interviews of five internationally acclaimed pioneers of nutritional and
metabolic medicine.
While interviewing Dr. Garry Gordon, MD, a renowned expert in chelation, it was revealed that
hypertension is the result of toxic lead levels. Lead binds so tightly to tissues raising havoc
with the natural flow of metabolism causing blood vessel constriction and high blood pressure.
How can we remove the lead? Chelation is a therapy which removes heavy metal toxins from
the body. Before chelation is considered for a person, testing for heavy metals is necessary. It
is critical to rule out ongoing exposure to heavy metals by doing a simple blood test.
If there is no ongoing exposure, the blood test will be normal while your body is still very toxic.
The actual total body burden of heavy metals can only be estimated by doing a simple 6 hour
urine collection after taking a safe oral or IV chelating agent. The chelator binds toxic metals
and excretes them in the urine.
Suzanne Somers spent an enormous amount of time and energy interviewing integrative
doctors and putting into words how these physicians are finding and treating the root causes
of illness.
At Integrative Medicine of Idaho, we address the root causes of symptoms. The truth is that
health is 20% genetic and 80% environmental. If you don’t feel well, you may have hormone
imbalance, a toxic burden and/or not enough nutrients to detoxify that burden or all three
together. The good news is that they are all treatable.
If this makes sense to you and you would like to reach your highest health potential, please
contact Integrative Medicine of Idaho at 208-426-0052 and make an appointment. We are here
to help you look and feel your best.