The Truth about Healing and Reducing the Rate of Aging

The 8th annual Society of Progressive Medical Education was held in San Diego last month where doctors from all over the world convened to share the newest research on ozone, light therapy and regeneration.

Issues like insomnia, chronic pain, addictions, brain fog and excess weight are the nagging chronic conditions that impair our QOL. Two modalities presented at the conference inspired me so much that I brought them home to Boise. Both work by reducing stress but by different mechanisms. Remember, there is no “one size fits all.”

The Biomodulator is an extraordinary device that reduces the root cause of stress by measuring and restoring energy at the cellular level. It was  invented by the genius ophthalmologist, Dr. Jerry Tennant MD, author of, Healing is Voltage and other books on recovering from chronic illness. Dr. Tennant holds multiple patents and was one of the creators of Lasik surgery.

Through his own experience of a severe life-threatening neurological condition, Dr. Tennant could no longer perform his life’s work as an eye surgeon. To save his own life, he focused on learning how the body really works and how to repair it. He found that infections and toxins deplete the body’s energy stores which is ultimately the root cause of degeneration.

He states, “Chronic disease occurs when we lose the ability to make new cells. The basis of making new cells is having the voltage and raw materials to do it. Energy medicine is the oldest form of medicine.”

The Biomodulator delivers micro current to organs where the voltage is low. It is FDA accepted for treating chronic, post-traumatic or surgical pain but it does so much more.

One of our patients with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s called us after receiving one treatment, stating, “What did you do to me yesterday? My symptoms have reduced by 50%.”

The other extraordinary healing device was designed by Dr. Patrick Porter, PhD, author of 9 books including Thrive in Overdrive, How to Navigate your Overloaded Lifestyle. He spoke in detail about how stress inhibits healing and robs us of our quality of life. After 30 years of studying how light, sound and vibration reduce the stress response, he blended 5 powerful mind technologies to create a tool to get you out of that fight or flight mode.

This tool is the Brain Tap headset. It puts the brain into a transcendental meditation state within 7 minutes using  patterns of light entering the ears and eyes. This light calms the nervous system without the use of drugs. Along with light, Dr. Porter created special meditations that train the brain to correct negative thinking patterns.

The truth is that healing is impossible in the presence of ongoing pathologic stress.

If you are struggling with chronic pain, insomnia, addictions, brain fog or weight, you are overwhelmed with stress. IMI has interventions to help you speed the healing process and reduce the rate of aging. We tailor the treatment to fit your needs.

If this is intriguing to you, please call and schedule an appointment or just stop by to inquire about our mission. During the month of July, we are having a special to introduce you to the Brain Tap meditations and the Biomodulator.  Please call 208-426-0052 and ask for Will or Kory to learn more.