A Story About Chelation

The topic was orthomolecular approaches to cancer. Doctors and researchers from all over the world attended. What I reinforced is that there is so much we can do to improve our odds for a long, high quality life whether we have a diagnosis of chronic illness or not.
The term, orthomolecular, was coined by Dr. Linus Pauling in 1969 to denote the use of nutrients to treat disease and maintain health. The International Society of Orthomolecular Medicine is a group of doctors who use nutrients to restore the the optimum environment of the body so it may heal itself. For example, an environment of inflammation and low oxygen is probably due to a deficit of nutrition with an excess of toxic burden. This is a serious precursor of cancer. Luckily, rogue pre-cancerous cells are quickly eliminated by our miraculous immune system as long as it is nourished and in a non toxic environment.
Heavy metals and other environmental toxins impede the body’s immune repair mechanisms despite having the right raw materials.
Dr. Joseph Hickey, MD, founder of the renowned Hickey Wellness Center in South Carolina told us his shocking story of using chelation for the first time. His 45 year old cousin was nearly comatose with leukemia and not expected to live. The family was distraught and begged for help. Having just been trained in chelation therapy (which pulls toxic heavy metals out of the tissues,) Dr. Hickey gave his cousin a chelation IV and sent him home with the hope he would survive the night. Against all odds, the next morning his cousin’s wife called and said, “He’s sitting up having breakfast.”
His cousin’s tissue levels of lead, nickel and chromium-6 levels were off the charts. After a series of chelation IVs, his cousin went into remission.
Do you remember the Erin Brokovich story where toxic chromium-6 contaminated the drinking water of Hinkley, California? This toxin absorbs easily through our skin to impair metabolism and induce inflammation. Combined with lead and nickel, chromium -6 becomes an even more dangerous toxin, thus, the childhood cancers in Hinkley, California.
In summary, by removing the heavy metal obstacles to health and implementing a healthy diet with proper supplementation and nourishment, Dr. Hickey’s cousin became a cancer survivor. These are the kind of stories we frequently hear at the orthomolecular conferences.
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