Could it be My Toxic Burden?

If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, you most likely watched Three’s Company starring Suzanne
Somers, John Ritter and Joyce DeWitt. Oh, how they made us laugh.
Over 35 years have passed and Suzanne Somers is as beautiful and full of life as ever despite
her shocking diagnosis of breast cancer in 2001. Although she underwent a lumpectomy and
radiation, she declined the recommended chemotherapy. She instead worked with doctors
who focused on addressing the root cause of the cancer. She changed the course of her life
by implementing a healthy diet, sleeping 8 hours a night, detoxifying and supplementing with
important nutrients. Suzanne changed her body into a place where cancer could not thrive so
she could.
This remarkable woman has written over 20 books, several of which focus on health and
staying Sexy Forever. In these books, she interviews many cutting-edge physicians who have
had the courage to step out of the orthodox western medicine paradigm.
In addition to writing books to spread the word, Suzanne created the Forever Health
Practitioner Network to help connect patients with integrative doctors like Dr. Migliori. IMI is a
proud member of Forever Health as Dr. Migliori is an expert in bio-identical hormone
replacement therapy and in the treatment of other degenerative, auto-immune, arthritic and
gastrointestinal conditions.
Although BHRT turns the clock back in most cases, hormones will not work optimally in a toxic
body. In her book, Tox-Sick, From Toxic to Not Sick, Suzanne shares the stories of her husband
and daughter-in-law who developed debilitating mystery illnesses due to toxic overload. She
then shares the interviews of five internationally acclaimed pioneers of nutritional and
metabolic medicine.
While interviewing Dr. Garry Gordon, MD, a renowned expert in chelation, it was revealed that
hypertension is the result of toxic lead levels. Lead binds so tightly to tissues raising havoc
with the natural flow of metabolism causing blood vessel constriction and high blood pressure.
How can we remove the lead? Chelation is a therapy which removes heavy metal toxins from
the body. Before chelation is considered for a person, testing for heavy metals is necessary. It
is critical to rule out ongoing exposure to heavy metals by doing a simple blood test.
If there is no ongoing exposure, the blood test will be normal while your body is still very toxic.
The actual total body burden of heavy metals can only be estimated by doing a simple 6 hour
urine collection after taking a safe oral or IV chelating agent. The chelator binds toxic metals
and excretes them in the urine.
Suzanne Somers spent an enormous amount of time and energy interviewing integrative
doctors and putting into words how these physicians are finding and treating the root causes
of illness.
At Integrative Medicine of Idaho, we address the root causes of symptoms. The truth is that
health is 20% genetic and 80% environmental. If you don’t feel well, you may have hormone
imbalance, a toxic burden and/or not enough nutrients to detoxify that burden or all three
together. The good news is that they are all treatable.
If this makes sense to you and you would like to reach your highest health potential, please
contact Integrative Medicine of Idaho at 208-426-0052 and make an appointment. We are here
to help you look and feel your best.