Intravenous Vitamin C-Why?

Your body is a remarkable vessel of mental, emotional and physical forces. Behind the scenes
are billions of chemical reactions exchanging electrons creating a healthy flow of electricity.
Any interruption in the flow of those electrons creates a problem in the body called oxidative
Think about the days when you could stay up all night and continue into the next day feeling
pretty good. Your young body was able to neutralize oxidative stress naturally.
Now fast forward 20-50 years and that energetic feeling becomes a distant memory. Why?
The aging body can no longer keep up with the inevitable toxic load of infections, heavy
metals, pesticides, herbicides and pharmaceutical intake. Toxins steal electrons destroying cell
membranes, enzymes and DNA causing inflammation.
The good news is that these toxins are neutralized by electron donors like Vitamin C which help
maintain the natural flow of electricity preventing inflammation.
According to Dr. Thomas Levy, MD, JD, cardiologist, author and internationally acclaimed
expert on vitamin C, inflammation is associated with a complete depletion of vitamin C which
he refers to as “localized scurvy.”
He states that Vitamin C is the “muscle” of the immune system and that vigorous dosing can
cure most disease. In his book, Curing the Incurable, Dr. Levy documents the cases of
Frederick R. Klenner, MD, in the early 1940’s where Dr. Klenner successfully treated severe, life-
threatening viral and bacterial infections with high dose IV Vitamin C with no severe side
Integrative Medicine of Idaho offers a selection of nutritional IVs designed to correct specific
nutritional deficiencies. We use only the highest quality, preservative-free nutrients. IVC is a
popular “pick me up” by those who know about it. Nearly every recipient of IVC feels better
after their infusion because it neutralizes oxidative stress and reduces inflammation.
According to Dr. Ron Hunninghake, director of the Riordan Clinic in Kansas, IVC, also known as
IV ascorbic acid, has been researched more than any other substance in the history of science.
The Riodan Clinic is world renowned for using high dose IVC to successfully treat cancer, lyme
disease, chronic viral infections and antibiotic resistance and Integrative Medicine of Idaho
uses the same protocols.
In this age of excessive chemical, viral and microbial exposure, it is worthwhile to fortify your
body with periodic life sustaining nutritional vitamin C infusions.
If this makes sense to you, please call us at 208-426-0052, mention this article and take
advantage of a 20% discount on a Myer’s Cocktail to reduce your oxidative stress