The Answer to Joint Pain

Have you overtrained to the point of feeling joint pain after every workout?

Are you suffering from arthritis?

Have you been told you need a knee or shoulder replacement?

Now is the time to say “good bye” to the irritating ache of joint inflammation as Integrative medicine of Idaho offers an affordable joint rehabilitation program known as  Prolozone Therapy. Imagine a surgery-free protocol that relieves inflamed tissue and rebuilds damaged cartilage. Whether the inflammation is from arthritis, over training, overuse or an accident, this protocol will get you back in your game because it provides the body with the raw materials it needs to heal itself.

How is the procedure done?

First, the painful, inflamed joint is injected with local anesthetic followed by an anti-inflammatory mixture of B vitamins, dextrose and a homeopathic dose of steroid. Second, medical ozone is injected stimulating stem cells which help to regenerate the damaged tissue. There is little to no added pain for this entire procedure and it takes less than 5 minutes. Most patients say that pain relief is almost immediate. Third, you lay on a Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) mat for 10 minutes  to enhance rapid healing and pain relief.

How many treatments are needed?

After two weekly anti-inflammatory injections, you should experience dramatic improvement. The next step is to promote cartilage growth with the same procedure using a proliferative solution that promotes cartilage regeneration. The number of treatments required to repair a painful joint depends on the extent of damage and the health of the immune system. Most people feel substantially better after their first anti-inflammatory injection and continue to improve over the next three sessions.

Do you have an infection in your joint?

Clinical studies have attributed some chronic pain and arthritis to infection.  Medical ozone kills harmful microorganisms on contact while nurturing your own immune system for repair and regeneration. Many doctors agree that medical ozone is safer than aspirin. IMI is a participant in a national study examining the safety and efficacy of ozone.


We are offering special pricing for new patients focusing on joint pain only. Now only $150 for a new patient visit and $100 fee per injection site with free PEMF session. Bundle packages are available adding substantial value to your experience.


If you are ready to say “good bye” to your joint pain and say hello to a higher quality of life,  call us at 208-426-0052 and schedule your appointment.