The Spiritual Side of Medicine

Are you aware of your chakras and that you are an auric field of subtle body energy? Have you ever thought about your life as the living expression of a story that evolves from your genetics and environment?

Did you know that your physical body is a reflection of your subtle body energy field that can be significantly influenced by light, color and sound as well as your thoughts, diet, toxic burden and exercise?  Have you heard of the amazing medical mediums such as the late Edgar Cayce and our current Anthony William who can diagnose and recommend treatment through communication with spirit?

At IMI, we are aware of the many controversial aspects of healing that influence the thyroid, adrenal, pancreas and gut, brain, immune system triads, thus, creating super wellbeing. We’re open to the truth that there is no one size fits all in the alternative or allopathic worlds and that energy medicine plays an enormous role in healing. This open mindedness grew from a personal crisis and I am grateful to the many courageous and brilliant integrative physicians who have contributed to my awakening to this new medicine.

Here at IMI, we speak the language of your body and your soul because if you don’t speak the language, you won’t understand the story. We know that humans are really an auric field, a holographic web of light encoded DNA. We know that traumatic emotional events lodge in the physical body only to become disease. We have exceptional diagnostics and a network of healers which constitute our family who can help you find your true potential. It is not unusual for chakra, homeopathic and vibrational healing to be discussed along side detoxification, nutritional, medical and IV protocols.

We understand your frustration of mainstream medicine trying to give you a diagnosis after a 20 minute discussion of your symptoms. A diagnosis means nothing anyway. It is a label for a collection of symptoms with no real value to bringing you back to your true self. It has been my observation that patients with severe illness could have avoided the entire drama of pain, sickness and fear by addressing the issues years earlier with prevention. For example, a male at 65 with prostate cancer may have avoided the cancer by addressing the high estrogen levels at an earlier age and now living a vigorous and healthy life. Our health is our wealth and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of gold. It is priceless.

There is a story here, and that story is you. If your story needs to change so you can start sleeping better, wake up feeling refreshed, have the strength and motivation to exercise and to do the work that brings happiness into your life, we are here to facilitate that change. A typical new patient visit may last 2 hours because you are unique. You may have done your own research and have many questions.  We can dive as deep as you want to go. We have the diagnostic tools available to find the root cause of your symptoms.

We have created a Wellness Circuit that uses vibration, ozone and pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to deliver the much needed energy to facilitate healing.

We take the time and we use the tools and knowledge to co-create with what resonates with you. If this is the kind of medicine that is missing in your life, call Crystal or Will at 208-426-0052 and make an appointment.