What is Medical Ozone?

Imagine a therapy that could:


  1. Reduce the oxidative stress that makes us sick
  2. Destroy most bacteria, viruses and fungi
  3. Stimulate the immune system and production of white blood cells
  4. Inhibit the growth of viruses
  5. Decrease inflammation
  6. Destroy abnormal cells
  7. Enhance energy production
  8. Increase the body’s antioxidant system
  9. Enhance the elasticity of red blood cells .
  10. Clear arterial blockages
  11. Degrade petrochemicals


Dr. Frank Shallenberger, author of five books on the miracle of ozone, has been teaching physicians in the USA about the power of ozone therapy for over 25 years. Dr. Ron Hunninghake, MD, director of the world renowned Riordan Clinic in Kansas supports the addition of ozone to the Riordan IV Vitamin C protocol for the treatment of serious illnesses including chronic Lyme and Cancer.


What is oxidative stress? It is the inevitable toxic byproduct of our body’s energy producing system. Like the irritating smoke of an energy producing campfire, oxidative stress is the irritating free radicals of our energy producing mitochondrial campfire. Every one of our 100 trillion cells must create energy for life while also neutralizing the toxic byproducts.


Luckily, our bodies possess an innate antioxidant system that naturally maintains order in our complex metabolic dance. If it isn’t working well, we feel it and our health suffers. Age, toxic burden, drugs and infections all contribute to a faulty antioxidant system.


Recently, a patient came in with a painful, hot, swollen leg after a biopsy of a benign lesion on the back of his knee. He was going to the emergency room for IV antibiotics when he decided to try the medical ozone therapy first. After one IV, he improved greatly with resolution of fever and pain. After the second IV, he was well again. This patient was able to avoid IV antibiotics and did not miss a day of work.


This therapeutic super oxygen is created by exposing 100% pure oxygen to a spark in a special generator. The spark creates a super oxygen molecule called ozone that acts to destroy invaders, neutralize toxins, modulate the immune system, increase oxygen utilization by the cells and allow regeneration of troubled systems.  This is a win-win situation.


Medical ozone is so easy and so versatile to administer by IV, insufflation, injection or by steam ozone sauna therapy in our clinic. Integrative Medicine of Idaho is participating in an FDA approved study to bring this safe, efficient and cost effective therapy to Boise.


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