Routinely helping patients with the following conditions

Frequent Illness | Excessive Weight Gain | Muscle & Joint Pain | Weakness & Fatigue | Nausea or Vomiting | Diarrhea or Constipation | Belching, Passing Gas | Heartburn | Mood Swings and Anxiety | Anger and Depression | Itchy Ears | Headaches | Insomnia | Poor Memory or Concentration | Chronic Coughing | Canker Sores | Acne, Hives, Rashes | Hair Loss | Hot Flashes | Excessive Sweating | Stuffy Nose & Sinus Problems | Skipped Heartbeats

Offering a wide array of natural treatments and options

IMI brings a variety of healing modalities that help bring your body back into homeostasis so you can feel good again.

HOCATT therapy for detoxification and immune modulation
Far Infrared sauna and Bio-Mat therapy
PEMF therapy for pain relief and rejuvenation
Ozone therapy for reduction of oxidative stress and inflammation
Low Dose Naltrexone to modulate the immune system in autoimmune disorders
Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Heart rate variability testing to monitor progress
Orthomolecular therapy
Integrative Medicine of Idaho works hard to address any issue you may be having. Talk to us about your health and wellness issues, and we'll work to find a solution.